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The emergence of work from home space


The right space for working from home

Brian Powers

Home buying and home selling experiences you can enjoy. Real estate doesn't have to be stressful...

Home buying and home selling experiences you can enjoy. Real estate doesn't have to be stressful...

May 27 3 minutes read

Macomb real estate - The emergence of 'work from home' space

As working from home becomes the new normal for many homeowners, the 'work from home space' in a home is more important than ever.

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The new normal of working from home

2 months ago millions of Americans were suddenly and unexpectedly removed from their professional office settings and forced in to a 'work from home' environment. 

With many employees starting to realize that the concept of working from home is no longer just a temporary or short-term solution, there's a  realization that their current 'work from home' set up is inadequate. Working from home on a regular basis requires a professional and quiet atmosphere. 

In the 3+ weeks since the local real estate market re-opened in Macomb, we've observed a noticeable trend. When showing homes to our home buyer clients, almost all of them immediately seek out the 'work from home' space a house has to offer. 

We've also had many conversations with current homeowners who have had the realization during the stay-at-home order that their current home isn't 'work from home' friendly and are looking to make a move, or do major renovations to their current home as a result. 

Working from home isn't going away. We expect this to be a long-term trend and homes offering desirable 'work from home' space are going to be the ones getting the most attention from home buyers.  

Change your marketing approach

Home sellers need to recognize this emerging trend and adjust their marketing accordingly. While rooms like the kitchen, master bedroom, etc. will always be important, your marketing needs to address the growing need for home buyers to to purchase homes with adequate 'work from home' space. 

Whether it's the photos, video, or description, ensuring potential buyers know your home has desirable 'work from home' space is a key element in setting you apart from all the other homes for sale. 

Protect your resale value

We do not expect this emerging trend to go away. Homes that offer desirable 'work from home' space will hold an advantage over those that don't when it comes to resale value.  

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