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No Furniture, No Problem - How Virtual Staging Produces BIG RESULTS for our Home Seller Clients

Brian Powers

Home buying and home selling experiences you can enjoy. Real estate doesn't have to be stressful...

Home buying and home selling experiences you can enjoy. Real estate doesn't have to be stressful...

Feb 8 3 minutes read

We always coach our home seller clients that first impressions really matter when selling a home, and the first impression takes place before we even know about it- when the potential home seller looks at the photos of your home online. 

In most cases, this is the "make or break" moment that determines if a potential buyer will add your home to their list of homes to tour, or it it gets quickly passed over and on to the next. We know with absolute certainty that the homes that look beautiful online, with stunning photos of a beautifully decorated and well staged home, are the ones that go right to the top of the list on the home buyers priority list. 

So what do you do if you are in a position where you're selling a home that is already moved out of? Unfortunately we see homes for sale in the MLS every day that look dark and empty because the owner has already moved out and their Realtor has chose to put photos of an empty home on their for sale listing. Take a look at some of these photos of vacant homes. Do they look appealing to you? Is there anything in these photos that would get a potential home buyer excited and make them want to go see these homes in person as soon as possible? Not really.

We decided their had to be a better way to market our clients homes. We found the perfect answer in our Virtual Staging service that we offer our home seller clients at no additional charge.

The results we are getting from incorporating virtual staging into our marketing efforts has been incredible. It allows us to take boring, empty photos and turn them into a beautifully staged setting that gets home buyers excited to view our listings in person. 

Take a look at the same photos from above, now with virtual staging.

This is just one example of the big difference we make for our home seller clients when marketing their home for sale. If you're thinking about selling your home, reach out to us so we can show you all of the marketing that we do that will take the process of listing and selling your home to the next level!


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